Day 1: Biarritz to San Sebastián


Miles travelled: 29

Elevation: Almost 2000 ft

Bounce Balls consumed: 4 (2 by Alice before we had even got on our bikes!)

Gold Star goes to – Alice – for navigating a great route (we only nearly went on a freeway 3 times!) And for taking all the headwind despite having done no training (it will be fun to see how long she can keep this up 😉 )

After a 7 hour delay at Gatwick, making it to Biarritz with all our bikes was a massive relief.

img_6420Putting our bikes together was a tiny bit of a challenge this morning – the lovely hotel engineer seemed ever so slightly worried about us and kept walking past offering us incomprehensible advice in French!

Miraculously, we managed to get them up and going… We even pumped all 6 tyres with a hand pump (well, if we are honest – Mummy pumped up all 6 tyres with a hand pump – as the younger generation were pretty pathletic – clearly all that gardening is pretty good for your upper body strength!

It only took about 3 hours, but that was probably a blessing – as the rain did ease up slightly so that we almost started in the dry!!

We had a late lunch in Hondarobbia to take a trip down memory lane for Mummy – who drove this route with Daddy before I was born! It was definitely worth a visit – even in the rain!!


We even got to take our bikes in an elevator… well, Alice and I did – mummy was determined to carry hers up the stairs!

t was pretty lucky that we’d planned a half day as the headwind (and bike construction!) certainly sucked up time… and we are very happy to have made it to San Sebastián in one piece 🙂

Happily we’re staying right by a bike shop – who are kindly checking we put everything together correctly – As Alice’s bike was certainly making funny noises… and the kind man in the bike shop seemed pretty horrified that she had been riding it! 😳

Now we’re off to find some fuel – Maybe Alice will be treating us as she admitted this morning that she had forgotten it was my birthday!

Tomorrow – the real fun starts – with 5000 feet of climbing – bring on the hills!! (Prefarably with slightly less traffic!!)

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