Day 2: San Sebastián to Garai


Miles Travelled: 58

Elevation: 5039 feet (including 3km on a consistent 8% incline!)

Bounce Balls consumed: 8 – at least 5 by Alice (she even resorted to force feeding them to Mummy and I when we started to question the route!)6176729168_img_1644

Punctures repaired: 1, but we had to do it twice and when Alice got tired of waiting she miraculously manifested a couple of knights in fluorescent yellow shiny armour to show how it should be done!)

Today was a BIG day!!! I honestly questioned our sanity – repeatedly actually – throughout the day!! The hills were MASSIVE and the mileage so much further than it seemed because of the extra 60kg in weight we are each carrying, but the scariest part was the business of the roads – we were passed by some huge trucks on the 10 mile dual carriageway we had to follow – poor Mummy was literally terrified! (Although after a few miles of mountains she was begging to go back to the motorway!

But we were so SO lucky in so many ways…

1. The Bike Shop managed to ‘repair’ all our bikes by 11am, which was only about 3 hours later than Mummy had hoped, but meant the rain had stopped by the time we set off 🙂

2. San Sebastián was stunning… and getting out of town was made so much easier than we expected by the hugely abundant cycle lanes.


3. Mummy got a puncture about 5 miles after we set off, and our repair efforts were pretty pathetic! Our first attempt, which took nearly an hour was ruined by the fact that our ‘new’ inner tube had a puncture… but in true Alice style – she managed to persuade some guys working nearby to do it for us – and so we were all set in about 5 minutes :-)!

4. We had a much needed coke at the top of our first 400m ‘hill’ with stunning views all round!

5. We had been so delayed that by the time we got to our planned ‘lunch’ stop it was gone 4pm and they were well and truly closed! But yet again, Alice worked our magic and they agreed to make us food specially 🙂 I asked for a tuna salad (wanting something gluten free) then the lady took one look at Alice and said “hamburgesa” – clearly she looked more hungry than me!!

5. There were a few little glitches with the navigation post lunch – but that meant that we hit our highest point in the perfect dusk lighting and got to our destination just as the sun dropped down behind the mountains – so beautiful!!

6. The weather was perfect – so much better than the solid rain  forecasted! Long may the sunshine continue 😊

7. Finally, the tiny cheap bike speakers I brought turned out to be fantastic!! I think we might need to write Taylor Swift personal thank yous for getting us up the hills!

So all in all – Alice’s morale and fitness remains impressive, but her route has got her firmly on the naughty step! Ultimately though – it was certainly a more challenging day than I’d hoped…


but we were rewarded with absolutely stunning views and endorphin highs that beat anything chemicals can offer!!




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