Day 3: Garai to Ruesga

Miles cycled: 56

Elevation: 5007 ft

Train journey: 8 miles

Bounce Balls consumed:  Way more than we could possibly admit, but at least our bags are getting lighter 🙂

We are all feeling supremely grateful for an utterly magical day! Especially as ‘success’ was snatched from the jaws of terrifying truck trails!

We started at dawn with an easy glide down the hill we climbed last night – and it was stunning… until it wasn’t! The little country lane turned into a major road in rush hour with massive trucks hurtling past at about 70 miles an hour!

After about 10 miles of near death experiences there was a mutiny! Mummy and I refused to continue the remaining 8 miles to Bilbao and we left the route and made our way to the nearest tiny town… where after exploring all our (fairly limited) options we decided that getting a train into Bilbao was the only feasible way forward! With help from the Polizia Locale and a charming lady at the station we managed to get on the right train and enjoyed a little rest on the 20 minute train ride :-)!


It felt a lot like cheating, but massively preferable to getting squashed by a truck! We even got a coffee and some fruit for the journey… 6308833344_IMG_17266308833344_IMG_1722

As soon as we reached Bilbao the route was stunning… we cycled along the river and couldn’t resist a quick stop at the Guggenheim before going up and away towards the mountains!


A dreamy back road lead us along a river through an enchantingly beautiful valley…

Before a long long steady and climb up to Valle Villa Verde where we stopped for an immense lunch – the portions were fit for sumo wrestlers and we devoured them!

Our gluttony did make the post lunch Mountain interesting and our lead Navigator again struggled with mutiny in the ranks as she lead us up a near vertical ascent with infuriating positivity… we climbed 326m in under 2 km and nearly regurgitated our lunch, but the views were worth it! We cycled along part of the pilgrimage route – over ‘El Successo’ and got completely high on endorphins!

And it was then all (pretty much) down hill to Ruesga along a quiet road winding in between the mountains along side the river Aros.



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