Day 6: Ribadisella to Oviedo

Miles cycled: 58

Elevation: 3941 feet

Today was all rainbows and butterflies! Until breakfast at least…

Sadly the dawn rainbow did dissolve into pretty heavy rain for most of the morning, but we were all distracted by a gorgeous dog that decided to follow us for so long that we started considering whether we could feasibly adopt it!!

Alice also made friends with some horses on another ‘shortcut’ through some muddy fields!

Over all… the route felt mercifully flat compared to the mountains we’ve seen – although it may have just felt easier to me because Alice took the headwind for the majority of the day! We also stopped for lunch at the perfect time to miss an afternoon downpour and found a beautiful cycle path to finish the last couple of miles on… it pretty much rolled down hill through some very strange tunnels all the way to our b&b! 😊

Or it might have had something to do with my new super nutritious diet – bread, biscuits, Nutella, coffee and chocolate… pretty much exclusively 😉

We are all really feeling the effects of a long weeks cycling (and probably added fatigue caused by carrying our bikes etc over that mountain on Thursday 😜) and definitely in need of a rest!

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