Day 7: Oviedo to Cudillero

The ‘rest day’ that wasn’t!

Miles cycled: 30

Elevation: almost 3000 ft

Although we are all definitely in need of a day off our bikes – we decided to press on through our planned rest day!! Mainly because the massive elevation combined with the weight of our panniers (and our fitness levels!) (Not to mention the fact that Alice made us carry our bikes over a mountain!) is making the planned mileage a real slog!!

We therefore decided to get a few miles ahead of ourselves and break up the route. This wasn’t a popular decision, but did have the bonus of meaning we get to see Cudillero – a cute seaside town in Asturias.

The best part was that Alice planned a stop at the most adorable Asturian ‘Slow Food’ restaurant… El Llar De Viri.

This family run ‘cauldron’ was like a little slice of magic!! In fact it was so amazing and we are all so delirious with a mixture of fatigue and endorphins that we had to google it after to check we didn’t dream up the whole thing.

Ironically we nearly just cycled on when there was no answer at the tiny door in the wall… but Alice was determined – and when we called their phone a charming man rushed out to welcome us into what seemed like his home, but turned into a beautifully decorated restaurant/winery!! The entrance hall was filled with seasonal vegetables… seemingly from his garden and the smell from the family kitchen was divine…

We weren’t even given a menu, he just asked what we wanted to eat and then we enjoyed a fun game of ‘guess the translation’! That turned into the best food we’ve had so far – tuna salad followed by what is apparently (google later informed us) the best Fabada (bean stew) in the world!!


And then we all shared some ‘heavenly custard’ – Tocinillo de Ciello – which was so divine we had to get the recipe!!

Mummy has promised to make it for our first meal back in oxford!!

This unassuming little home was also the first ‘slow food’ establishment in Spain – meaning all the food is produced within 100km of the restaurant! We love this idea and are certainly going to remain on the look out for more ‘slow food’ establishments!

The cycling today was mercifully fun – with only a few hills, but much kinder weather! And Taylor Swift keeping moral high on the climbs!

I think we all benefitted from the shorter mileage although Mummy might be feeling the effects of being not clipped in!!

Tomorrow is shorter than it would have been, but will be our eighth cycling day without a rest!! We are all just hoping for kind weather!

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