Day 8: Cudillero to Luarca

Miles cycled: 32

Elevation: nearly 3000 ft

Today was our eighth consecutive day of cycling and I am certainly feeling it, but am also very grateful that we had done half of today’s mileage yesterday! 🙂

The 32 miles we covered today was psychologically a little challenging… we were following a coastal road that felt like a rollercoaster… endlessly up and down in and out of the bays – every bay seemed to look pretty similar leading to an uncanny sense of Deja Vu which at one point had us all in hysterics – I think we were actually bordering on delirious!!

My cycling buddies also seem to have developed such an affection for mint chocolate bounce balls that they now dress to match them… a fact I observed with great personal amusement on one of this morning’s many hills!

I think lunch today was possibly our lowest point… Alice and I devoured all the sugar and caffeine in sight while Mummy watched with much more restrained enjoyment of a single chocolate bar!!

We were only 9km from home when Alice directed us to a shortcut which involved walking over a fairly substantial and rather muddy ‘Hill’… on the way down we saw the main road carried straight on overhead!

Tomorrow we follow the same road, but with

double the mileage! So that should be fun 😳

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