Day 10: Luarca to Viveiro

Miles cycled: 70.5

Elevation: 5485

The day we nearly caved took the train, but didn’t!!img_7303-2

It was a close call as we are all pretty shattered, but now so glad we cycled (I think) it was probably our prettiest cycling day, and not actually too hilly aside from the little Mountain at the end…img_7431

We have got slightly wise to Alice’s ‘short-cuts’ and stuck to the N roads as much as possible, which made a big difference 🙂

We even found a gorgeous spot for a picnic…img_7356

Mummy was a little shattered by the end… But hopefully nothing some wine, cheese and a good sleep can’t cure!


We are staying in a lovingly restored water mill in a beautiful valley – which is totally out of the way and means we’ve added several unnecessary mountains, but Alice is adamant that the views are worth the hills!!

In fact, she is also still so high on bounce balls that the cycling wasn’t enough for her… and she spent a good few minutes perfecting her one armed handstand while Mummy and I guzzled our recovery drinks…


All I know is that I just ate my own weight in cheese 😂 and now Alice is trying to kill us with local mystery shots! Bring on tomorrow!

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