Day 11: Restrebas to Santiago de Compostela

The day that fog stopped play! 🙁

We woke up to a rainy day – so different to yesterday and set off at dawn…img_7733

We had hoped to reach Santiago de Compostela by early afternoon in time to get our bikes looked at by a local bike shop as they are all making pretty strange noises – and mine seems to have ‘lost’ it’s lower gears – making the hills super fun 😉

It was raining when we started and we managed about 14 miles before it started pouring so hard we really felt that safety required us to get off the road! We mercifully found a ‘bar’ and tried to wait out the rain…

After at least 2 coffees each we tried again and got almost another ten miles before the fog got so dense we could literally only see about 50 feet… we were on the N- 634 – a busy road with massive logging trucks hurtling past – they were going so fast their backdraft would almost knock us off our bikes…

Alice then got a flat tyre – fortunately right by a nice big verge and we repaired it in record time – probably about 10 minutes!!

But despite our pride in our mechanical skills it soon became clear that persevering was pretty reckless (and as Alice put it ‘selfish’ cos if some poor truck driver killed us it wouldn’t be their fault, but they’d have to suffer the consequences!)

We are all for pushing our comfort zones, but with so much going on in the world – we thought ‘safety first’ the only responsible way forward.img_7779

So… Taxi it was 😂 Ironically it was only for about 20 miles almost all of which were down hill!img_7777

IMG_0287We have arrived at Santiago de Compostela with a mixture of relief and elation tinged with bittersweet sadness that we had to ‘cheat’ ever so slightly!

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