Day 13: Santiago de Compostela to Mondariz

Miles cycled: 62

Elevation: 3872 feet

The day we ran out of Bounce Balls 😂

We collected our bikes from Bicicletas Velocipedo as they opened at 10am this morning (allowing for quite a leisurely start to the day 😊) And they looked amazing – like brand new bikes!! Definitely best bikeservice I’ve ever had!!

Apparently my rear wheel had been bent which explained the lack of lower gears!!

They recommended we visit the estuary of Pontevedra…  suggesting it was as stunning as the Norwegian Ffiords… so we thought we  really should take a look – and it had the ‘advantage’ of adding 20 miles to our planned route which we thought would kind of make up for the 20 miles we had to skip on Friday!

We took the train to get out of town as the Spanish trains are so efficient and cheap! We went 3 stops to Villagarcia and got off in the fog to cycle through the vineyards… which weren’t quite like Tuscany and along the coast… which maybe didn’t quite live up to the promised Norway-esque beauty, but were interesting none the less…

The first few miles were oddly flat after the mountains we’ve seen, but fairly windy!!

By about 3pm we were flagging – probably in part due to our lack of bounce balls! Somehow dates and m&ms don’t quite hit the spot quite so well…

We luckily stumbled across one of our best lunch stops so far… and devoured some simple but delicious grilled fish and potatoes!! And we must have looked pretty desperate – because we got given a whole plate of deserts for free!!

When Alice announced that we had almost another 1000m of climbing mummy resorted to desperate measures… 6174616976_IMG_2921

The ‘hill’ Alice took us up was stunning… BUT…  NOT Cyclable!! Even Alice had to walk!!

There was a tiny rebellion, which took us back to an actual road… with still more beautiful views!

The last few miles were a bit of a slog – much further and hillier than our ‘navigator’ had promised and we were all relieved to reach our B&B which materialised like a mirage in a desert…

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