Day 14: Mondariz to Gemeira

Miles cycled: 43.5

Elevation: 3446

We are all so happy to have crossed Rio Mino and made it to Portugal!!! 😎

We set off in the pretty mist at dawn…

For what Alice promised would be a ‘flat’ day…

img_8204It seems that Alice is remarkably numerically challenged for someone who has just finished a Masters in Financial Investment! I wonder if she even looks at the map or just makes it up as she goes along!!

We also  discovered the source of Alice’s secret energy reserves… she has been guzzling Nutella packets like as if they were sugar free polos – and when she asked why I was so hungry at meals I suggested that it might have something to do with the fact that I’m not eating 2000 calories per day of Nutella! She looked totally non-plussed…  It turns out she’d somehow convinced herself that each of her 10 daily tablespoons of Nutella had only 10 calories! 😂🙈😄


Regardless of the hills – we were fairly ecstatic at leaving the fog and rain in Spain…

and we all got rather  overexcited when the sun came out just as we reached the Border which was Stunning…

We then followed a meandering road through (I.e. Over) the mountains… which was certainly NOT flat, but the 10 mile climb earns us some of the best views we’ve had and a very enjoyable down hill glide…

Just in time – as our energy levels dropped Alice directed us to a yummy lunch by a very pretty church, where we had a delicious meal of we’re still not quite sure what!!! We guessed pork, but we still need to work on our Portuguese…

From there we raced through some pretty towns to reach our B&B before the rain really started to pour… in particular – Porta de Barca was somewhere I’d definitely like to have more time to wander through!

We’re all just hoping that Portugal really will be sunnier than Spain ☀️


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