Day 16: Porto to Mogofores

Today feels like about 3 days rolled into one! We all agreed (some more reluctantly than others ๐Ÿ˜‰) that cycling in Porto really was an accident waiting to happen- and so the only sensible solution was to take a train to get out of the busy traffic area.

So we got up early to walk down to the river and get a glimpse of the city before we left and mummy was ecstatic at finding a ripe avocado!

I think we all wished we could stay longer! Alice certainly wanted to move into the Nutella restaurant…


Then carrying our bikes down all the stairs was good way to wake up our muscles…

The trains here are so cheap and efficient – it makes life easy when you really need a plan B!

We took the train to Aveiro and had planned to cycle on from there, but after about 15 miles on an N road with heavy traffic that was riddled with potholes the size of small canyons, and no cycle way to give us any space to breathe while the lorries hurtled past – it seemed about silly to continue… and when Mummy noticed that my rear wheel was pretty badly bent (I had wondered why cycling down hill had been feeling so hard!). We decided to take another train to Mogofores.

In reality – I think Alice might have bent my wheel on purpose – as it did tie in rather nicely with a few activities on her wish list… a winery tour in Mogofores, which we did this afternoon and a visit to Coimbra which we will be going through tomorrow – to get my bike fixed!

The tour of the Winery was fascinating – they are very traditional – using no chemicals or additives and allowing gravity to direct the flow of the grape juice through the various stages of fermentation by having a โ€˜cellarโ€™ that spans 6 floors! The views were stunning and we learnt a lot – especially about how the bubbles in champagne are created by yeast which eats all the sugar, produces gas and then dies and has to be removed before drinking!

We are staying in a very old farmhouse with a charming lady who agreed to make us dinner – which was Delicious!! But I think she must have been having bets on how much we could eat – because the food just kept coming… antipasti, followed by figs and cheese, followed by soup, followed by roast chicken and potatoes followed by a giant pavlova (which we embarrassingly devoured in itโ€™s entirety!) I think she was certainly impressed (if not appalled) by our appetites!

I hope we can sleep off our food comas by tomorrow!



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