Day 19: Fatima to Peniche

Miles: 61.8
Elevation: 3672 feet

E7866A20-8164-4108-AD07-39099D31BF2BToday was a stunning day of pine forests, castles, churches and extreme weather changes…

We set off from Fatima at dawn, feeling almost magically rejuvenated after our rest day and hoping to reach Peniche in time to Surf…


We were rewarded by stunning views over Parque Natural das Serras de Aire e Candeeiros… we were literally above the clouds!

We then descended (quite steeply at times) through beautiful pine forests and enchanting hilltop towns…

We had decided to take a very indirect route going via Nazaré in an effort to avoid the traffic… and so we thought we would aim to stop by the coast for breakfast!

The route was mostly lovely, with just a few “un-paved roads” as google would say – which we now understand to be; dirt tracks, muddy swamps, or poisonous caterpillar infested paths…

We hadn’t even considered that the coastal weather would be anything other than balmy sunshine, but it wouldn’t be an adventure without any surprises…

As we approached Nazaré the temperature change was extreme – we all had to put on multiple extra layers, but we did still get our yummy breakfast (Alice somehow managed to resist the doughnut van and the cherry liquor)!

We then decided to take a more inland road onto Peniche… which took us via Óbidos – our favourite hill town so far – it was so well preserved and we wished we could have stayed there…

Especially as we descended to Peniche and realised the fog clearly extended the length of the coastline – we again went from baking sunshine to freezing fog in the space of less than a mile.

We are currently staying on the coast – but the sea (only 50m away) is totally invisible – and Alice has reluctantly accepted that it’s too dangerous to surf!

We’re hoping this mist will lift and we are looking forward to another coastal day tomorrow – I’m just hoping my bike holds up – as it’s sounding a little poorly!


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