Day 20: Peniche to Sintra

Miles: 54.9
Elevation: 4264 feet

We woke up to find the fog had lifted and went to explore the beaches that had been totally indiscernible last night…

I then bought some oats from the supermarket next door and made my own simple porridge – such a nice change from cheese and ham for breakfast!! So far so good…

I had known my bike was suffering, but Not quite how badly! I was starting the day with a broken spoke and a bent rear wheel – hoping that a little shop 5 miles down the coast could give my poor injured bike a make over…5C0287D0-C76A-41FC-A47D-6D02954FE9F5

Unfortunately, the shop couldn’t help, and they kindly confirmed what we had already suspected – the next nearest bike shop was nearly 30 miles away! Not to worry – Alice had assured me today would be largely flat so ‘no biggy’ I should just cycle on with my creaking bike until lunch – it would all be easy…6B8B905D-5320-4B67-804A-B1E7A94AC1B8

It turned out to be one of our hilliest days with a very strong wind, which was glorious when it was from behind and terrifying when it became a cross-wind! So much so that we had to walk some really exposed parts for fear of getting blown over!


We were reminded how precarious each moment is when we came across a young couple – with bikes and panniers like us, who’d just had an accident – it seemed the girl had been literally blown over by the wind. Fortunately it seemed they were both OK, but the girl was clearly in shock with nasty grazes and probably a broken arm…. we tried to help, but several locals were already doing everything that was needed so we pressed on, not wanting to over crowd them. It made us all a bit more careful!

We followed the coast most of the day and couldn’t resist stopping for lunch in a beautiful bay…


Where we had such yummy Salmon and potatoes (probably not the most sensible cycling lunch, but it was worth it!) Apparently the Salmon was caught locally… and it tasted completely different to the stuff I usually get from Tesco!

We then pushed on along a long a ‘bumpy’ coastal road to the promised bike shop, passing some stunning scenery…25D81031-76D1-4AD0-B051-C75407BE6D1C

Sadly, they couldn’t help either! So we decided to try and get to Sintra in time to visit a bike shop there… but alas – despite Alice’s repeated ‘short-cuts’ we were too late!

So my bike will have to wait until Monday for its wheel to be treated…

But Sintra is just magical – so a day to wonder around is much appreciated!!

On a separate note… Alice has turned into an eating machine… she devours any pastry, coffee or chocolate in sight! She had 5 coffees before lunch today – and then this evening, as we cycled through a town just before Sintra, genuinely yelled – “This town smells so good – I wish I could EAT this town”! Mummy and I are a bit worried she might eat us too if she get’s too hungry!

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