Day 23: Grandola to Odemira

Miles: 65.8
Elevation: 2394 feet

We left pretty late this morning… partly because we were all shattered after yesterday’s efforts, and partly because the ‘farm’ we’d booked was so stunning none of us wanted to leave!

On reflection, waiting to get on our bikes until the heat of the day really started firing up was probably not the smartest decision ever, but at least Alice got in her skinny dipping and we got to pretend for a few minutes that we were just going to relax today rather than cycle another 6 hours in the baking heat 😜


Our morning cycle was stunning – idyllic back roads with gorgeous views over olive groves, cork trees and the stunning Alantejo coastline… it all seemed too good to be true!

And then – we came to a motorway… Alice was adamant that it wasn’t, but the blue motorway signs were pretty clear! There was really no other way (unless we went back the 25 miles we’d just cycled) so we decided to ‘give it a go’… to be fair there was a massive hard shoulder and we barely passed 20 cars in the 10 miles we had to follow it – it was probably some of the easiest cycling we’ve had – and a lot less scary than the busy N-roads.

We had a delicious (but maybe too hearty) lunch on the coast after Sines and then continued along a beautiful, but very bumpy coastal road…

We even saw some ostriches…ED81923C-D402-418F-AA5B-B50409B43CB5

Sadly, shortly after Porto Covo – a very cute town…F4908407-22E8-4FD1-B7D5-158979CB075B


the coastal road rejoined the N road, for a fairly scary few miles. When mummy couldn’t take it any more we stopped for some emergency Twisters and a regroup session!

We then cycled the remaining 10 miles on quiet back roads meandering through what is clearly a very agricultural area, before finally reaching our home for the night just before sunset…

We have now been treated to a delicious home cooked meal and are all hoping that tomorrow’s hills will be much quieter than today’s roads!!

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