Day 24: Odemira to Portimão

Miles: 54.1

Elevation: 3352 feet

The day it was so hot we had to swap food for ice-cream…

You know you’re tired when you need a double magnum for breakfast! (Admittedly after a few glasses of watermelon juice which Alice and I hoped might sooth our stomachs which seem to be rebelling a little against our new diet of chocolate, ice-cream, protein bars and liquor!)

We set off early hoping to beat the heat thinking it would be an easy glide to Portimão… in reality there were a lot of false starts… and several miles of pushing our bikes through the sand!

Alice openly admitted that she was making up the route as she went along today which did prove interesting at times…95EF747D-F5E0-4773-AE75-CC20629E32A9

But equally she clearly lives in an alternate reality – or at least on another plane of enlightenment where anything she requires just materialises in front of her – none of us could believe it when we she literally crashed into an immaculately clean toilet seconds after announcing that she needed a bathroom break – it was pretty surreal!57027BD7-B73A-4254-B277-17A02F84E104

After spending much of the morning pushing our bikes it was a relief to find a road we could actually cycle on… justifying a celebratory coffee stop…

After the fairly disastrous start, we decided to follow the N road most of the way, and it was mercifully smooth, but into the strongest wind we’ve had – I guess when you’re cycling through twirling wind turbines you shouldn’t be surprised that it’s tough going!580C0983-889B-4C60-89BD-61F0A1BA9827

We took about an hour to do 2 miles and only realised we had been climbing when we enjoyed nearly 10 miles downhill the other side of the peak!

We then pulled in for a much needed second ice-cream at Bensafrim as we were all melting in the 34 degree heat… sadly not helped by the headwind which felt like cycling into a hairdryer on full power…

Three Soleros set us up for the final 15 miles which were hot and full of roadworks, but passed mercifully quickly!

We are now in Portimão celebrating reaching the Southern coast of Portugal feeling like we are within sight of the finish line!!

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