Day 24: Mission Accomplished!

Miles: 37.8

Elevation: 2134

The day we thought about pedello-Ing back across the Atlantic!


Perhaps it was because are just so addicted to our bikes that we couldn’t bear the thought of a rest day or more realistically we were tempted by the thought that on Portuguese Independence Day there would be less trucks on the road…

In any case after a morning jog on the gorgeous Portimão beach and a deliciously indulgent breakfast we all agreed to push on to the finish line!


It was a bit of a dull cycling day in reality as we were advised to stick to the N-125 (a fairly busy dual carriageway type road) because it had a reliable hard shoulder (aside from the areas with roadworks!)

It was meant to be just over 40 miles so we had planned to stop for an ice-cream to refresh around half-way… I have become so addicted to the magnum doubles that I made us try three cafe’s and then hold our for a petrol station to get my fix 😉3975220A-BEA1-4C52-98C7-EF2E392F09B9

We then cycled the final 10 miles in record time – it felt very surreal to be cycling through familiar territory! And in true Weston style our first stop was at our favourite restaurant to book a table for dinner!6925C992-054F-4D17-A1AE-1566D1BBA7F7

Before considering throwing our bikes into the sea…


I am now preparing myself for serious magnum withdrawal symptoms as I switch back to the green stuff!!


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